#BWPhotoChallenge monochrome photo day 1 [Music after rain]

#BWPhotoChallenge accepted. Got nominated by my fellow creative japinoy photo enthusiast Judd Romano. And, as part of the game, I have to post one nomination each day for five days. Here’s for my first day.

“Give me the music of a nation; I will change a nation’s mind” – plato

[Music after rain]

street photography dumaguete city

#streetphotography by Lifestyle and Wedding Photographer Govi Murillo

I stumbled upon this elderly musician playing mandolin in the damp streets of Dumaguete City during one of my morning strolls. This spot is adjacent to the 200 year old Belfry Tower that remains to be the oldest bell tower in the Visayas and is a very famous architectural landmark in the city.

This time, I nominate my photo buff friends Raymond Pangan and Gaps Sabuero both masters of creative photo journalism among my pool of “photographic” fellas to jump in and join the trend. #JoinTheFun #SpreadTheMonochromes.
Judd hope you like my first and hopefully I can go through the 5 day stint. Still trying to figure out how this thing work. hahaha

Till next post.

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